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Video Games & Safe Spaces: Ugandan Knuckles

When it comes to the term “safe spaces,” it’s not something that has a positive meaning in gaming culture. Safe spaces have come to mean something that pose a threat. To who? That still remains to be answered. I have that same question every time gaming edgelords scream “TRIGGERED” at anybody that displays basic humanity.

That’s only one example of the gaming community showing why safe spaces within that community are necessary. I can name plenty, but we’ll stick with the most recent one: the new viral meme, Ugandan Knuckles. This has gotten so big that even the creator of The Fairly Odd Parents show has posted a drawing of it and has turned the VRchat into a complete cesspool of trolls.

Now, there’s been plenty of defense for this new beloved meme. Ugandan Knuckles is derived from an Ugandan comedy called “Who Killed Captain Alex?” The movie creator has shown plenty of love to this new meme, even retweeting various defenses of the meme totally not being racist. The latter even went as far as to claim that you’d only find it racist if you already thought less of Ugandans, which is quite the reach. So, let’s start from the top.

First, take into account that some don’t find it amusing when people try to mock foreign accents. It’s degrading at the most and immature humor at the very least. Let’s also take into account that mocking the way someone speaks can have racial undertones. Anybody that is not white in America and doesn’t speak perfect English knows the humiliation all too well. Having attention brought to your accent (or if you don’t speak English at all) can be nerve-wracking depending on the environment.

Second, let’s also consider the strong possibility that most people that hopped on this bandwagon were completely unaware of the meme’s origin. Even if they were aware, that doesn’t mean that people couldn’t have possibly used this meme for racist motives. The tweet that is linked shows a screenshot of one Uganda Knuckles with pitch black skin, huge red lips and a watermelon across the front of its chest. I hope I don’t need to explain why that is extremely racist. And according to Denny, the original poster, this wasn’t the only Uganda Knuckles with this skin.

So, let’s combine the shitty, minstrel-level, Jim Crow-era humor with the Ebola jokes that are also being throw around carelessly. Yes, there are entire YouTube videos of people using the Uganda Knuckles meme while making Ebola jokes. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand how jokes about life-threatening diseases can be funny. In any context.

Last, and the most important part of my argument, people have the right to be offended by certain things. A person is well within their rights to state, “Hey I don’t like this thing and I find it offensive for various reasons.” The absolute wrong thing to do is respond by saying, “Well, you’re probably just too sensitive,” “Don’t take it personal, it’s not meant to be offensive,” or “You shouldn’t be offended because [insert empty justifications].” I’ve had to learn this lesson myself. When someone brings to your attention that you’ve offended them, it’s okay to apologize and admit you’re wrong. It can be embarrassing sometimes, but it shows good character to apologize publicly.


I don’t expect this blog post to put a stop to the meme usage. However, this can hopefully clarify why the meme has been deemed racist and banned from a certain forum. Yes, you’re free to use Ugandan Knuckles if you so greatly desire. Just keep in mind that this does not mean everyone else has to put up with it if they feel the meme is racist.

My Most Anticipated Video Games

Video games have been a part of my life since I was old enough to hold a controller.

(Shout out to my uncle for introducing me to them!)

As a woman, the gaming community isn’t exactly ideal and I’m being generous with that description. Despite that, it’s something that I strongly enjoy and the chance to dive into another reality is always welcome. It’s a break from the real world and a chance to immerse myself into something that’s not as stressful. Everyone has welcomed that in some form or another.

And what I love even more than video games, are video games with creativity and representation. So without anymore delay, let’s jump right into it.

In no particular order:

Watch Dogs 2


Unpopular opinion: I actually enjoyed the first Watch Dogs. It still stands that Aiden Pearce is one of the most boring protagonists ever, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the game overall. The supporting characters were what carried the whole damn plot. Essentially, Aiden Pearce was a poor man’s Batman: pretty dull as a stand-alone role, but everyone else around him is what keeps you coming back. This brings me to why I’m so excited for Watch Dogs 2.

Marcus Holloway is the complete opposite. He’s energetic, optimistic, and his motive isn’t driven by a cliché revenge story. He just wants to do the right thing by taking down a corrupt establishment. Let’s not forget the obvious: he’s a Black hacker and his most admirable traits are his intelligence and hacking skills. His hacking skills far surpass that of Aiden’s and this lessens the chances of repetition. In Watch Dogs, you could only hack a limited amount of objects. Ubisoft definitely listened to the criticism and upped the ante in the sequel with a dash representation for their Black gamers.

Black characters are rarely portrayed as highly skilled, tech-savvy hackers. This is some positive representation that many Black nerds and gamers will definitely embrace. Let’s hope this lives up to the hype!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I had played other games before the Legend of Zelda franchise, but Ocarina of Time was the first game that really got me addicted. The atmosphere, the music and the sense of adventure LOZ gives you is what makes the franchise stand out so well. I remember being so immersed in OOC, that I’d spend hours of my Saturdays trying to get past that migraine-inducing water level. Once the trailer for Breath of the Wild dropped, my love for LOZ was instantly resurrected.

If you haven’t watched the trailer, I highly encourage you to go check it out. This game is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not one to focus on graphics too much, as graphics don’t necessarily make a game enjoyable. However, the beautiful music and environment definitely pulls you in only in the way a LOZ game can successfully do. It can be pretty risky to have super high expectations. Nobody wants to be disappointed by something they spent months looking forward to, but I highly doubt this is going to happen. I’m probably putting all my eggs in one basket, but the story and open world is going to be just as captivating!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


My love-hate relationship with this series is just as alive when it scared the shit out of me with Resident Evil 2. I remember being to scared to play RE2 on Nintendo 64, so I always begged my uncle to play so that I could watch him play. It was like watching a horror movie that he controlled. Then, there was the time he made me play it in the dark. Yep, that happened. So ever since then, I’ve loved/hated this series.

There’s been a lot of criticism towards the RE franchise for straying from horror and leaning more towards action. Being an action game isn’t a bad thing, but if you built your game on horror, it’s probably best to stick with what attracted your audience. And RE 7 is doing just that, stripping itself down to what made the series so special.

This game features an entirely new protagonist with no combat or self-defense skills. This means you’ll be playing entirely survival horror with little chance of defending yourself. There may be little to no presence of guns or blunt objects. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the scariest gameplay is when you can only run from it. And it looks like this is it.

Honorable mention:

Nintendo Switch


Yes, I know it’s a console and not a game, but how the hell else am I going to play Breath of the Wild? I haven’t been this excited for a Nintendo console since Gamecube! And that was in 2001. 15 years ago. It’s finally time for me to go back to being a Nintendo fangirl and appreciating my favorite thing about them: the innovation.

Nintendo is always trying something different with their consoles. It’s pretty obvious by looking at the changes just in the controllers alone. This company is always looking for newest thing and the Nintendo Switch is just that. It’s like there was an argument in the conference room between making Nintendo Switch a regular console or a handheld console. Then, one genius in the room went:

And that was how the Nintendo Switch was born.

Dishonorable mention:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Call of Duty… Yikes, how far this series has fallen. I remember the first time I fell in love with Modern Warfare 3 and it trickled over to Black Ops. Playing COD was how I bonded with my husband when I first met him. Video games were the first thing we had in common and while we were initially friends, we spent half our time playing COD. However, it’s been declining in quality with every release. I think we all saw it coming, but we weren’t ready to believe it. The games simply aren’t revolutionary anymore. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done already and people are starting to catch on. Not to mention the prices:


The average new and unused video game will cost you about $59.99 plus tax.

Just looking at the trailer, it doesn’t resemble the past games at all and it doesn’t remind the audience why we fell in love with the franchise. But it also isn’t doing anything captivating as a new release. There’s nothing that evokes the old love for the COD franchise, but there’s also nothing new to capture attention. It seems to have finally reached its peak. The like/dislike ratio on the YouTube trailer shows a mob of dissatisfied customers. The worst part? A remastered Modern Warfare is offered, but it comes bundled with Infinite Warfare. There is no separate sale. Therefore, if you enjoyed Modern Warfare, you would have to order Infinite Warfare if you want that remastered version. Good luck.