Tori, also known as YooTori, is a writer, blogger and gamer who streams (sometimes). She has been part of the Black Girl Gamers group since June 2016 and published with Blavity.com for discussing the lack of representation in gaming.

While working full-time, she uses her spare time honing her writing skills and learning about the latest social media trends. Formerly, Tori was a social media manager for a start-up company known as Honey Bee Busy Virtual Assistance and was responsible for creating and posting content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Tori is an aspiring novelist and currently working on two books, one an apocalyptic fiction and the other a dystopian fiction.

Active ingredients: Natural hair, shea butter, Leo tendencies and sensitivity.

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      1. Lol its true this thought came to me after a not so perfect childhood. You see my dad went to prison at age 2. He didn’t have me and planned on going there. I ended up making a promise to myself to never go.


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